About GAJ Coin

GAJ Coin is an ERC-20 Token built on Ethereum Platform with Burn function. GAJ is one of the leading Utility Tokens based on usage and benefits, and as per reviews from many major Crypto companies and websites. GAJ shall have various usages in the WCC Ecosystem as well as real world based on partnerships and collaborations with many companies for various activities. GAJ shall also be swappable on various exchanges after the end of ICO and shall also be traded with pairing BTC / USDT / ETH on various major Crypto Exchanges.

A total supply of 210,000,000 GAJ Coins is available, out of which 60 percent is available for Public via ICO and Private Placement Sale over the course of next few months. The first set of products and website shall be activated at the inception of the ICO Rounds. During the ICO Rounds, second set of products and services shall be launched and licences shall be applied in various jurisdictions.


Key features of GAJ Coin

Native WCC Ecosystem Coin

GAJ Coin is the native ecosystem coin used across all products and services offered by WCC globally. It offers a wide range of discounts and benefits for coin holders.

ERC20 Compliant Token System

Fully transparent and compliant ERC20 protocol token developed with the highest standards of decentralized structure and keeping safety as the utmost priority. The smart contract has been audited by major security firms.

Safe, Secure & Promising Coin

GAJ Coin is one of its kind coin system that evolves around the philosophy of continued growth at all times for the company, stakeholders and ecosystem as a whole.


Primitive Financial Systems

The rise and evolution of cryptocurrencies has been amazing over the past decade. What started as aunknown and sceptical asset of unknowns in the form of Bitcoin, has today become the most advanced and safest form of payment. The global cryptocurrency market today consists of over 1000s of crypto-assets and companies across the globe. While some countries have been lenient towards the crypto community, some have taken harsh steps to try to regulate and furthermore outrightly ban the cryptocurrenies. Due to the decentralized nature and mass acceptance, none of the restrictive measures have been successful. The problems faced by individuals and corporates globally has proven to the main reason for rapid rise of the cryptocurrencies. The financial sector is one of the majorly problematic sectors for a long time. The traditional banking and financial systems have not evolved for ages now and this has resulted in the common man to suffer the consequences of rising cross-border transaction charges, long delay in payments processing, high currency conversion charges, and many more issues. Many cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, etc have been widely accepted mode of payments across the globe now. However, we still lack a full fledged financial suite of services and products that can solve the issues and problems which impact the financial segment currently.

High Fees & Charges by Banks

A traditional bank charges anywhere between 5 to 25% as transactional charges for a cross-border payment service. This is taking into consideration that the transfer takes up to 5 days to reflect after being sent from one bank to another. The loss of both time and money is huge and annually over USD 200 Billion are lost due to these fees which includes transaction charges, currency conversion charges, etc.

Lack of Transparency in Crypto World

The world always resists changes be it evolution of internet, banking systems or cryptocurrencies. A decade back no one knew about Cryptocurrencies and few years no one wanted to invest in one. This has rapidly changed in the recent years and today the Crypto Market is bigger than the most valued company in the world of all times- Apple. The crypto market is over 1.5 Trillion Dollars. Except few cryptocurrencies, many of the coins/ tokens are unregulated or unsupervised, which is very risky. The recent times has seen many exchanges being shut down and money being lost.

Lack of Trust & Mass Adoption

Almost in continuation to the above point, the crypto world still lacks mass adoption and trust from people and unless that happens, the whole goal of setting up the crypto market can never be fulfilled. Many countries have formally allowed companies to operate provided they fulfill certain minimum requirements and act as custodians of people's money and avoid any illegal activities.


WCC Ecosystem is developed to address the issues, problems and challenges faced by people across the globe in relation to their financial and banking needs.

All-in-One Ecosystem

WCC is an All-in-One Ecosystem that comprises of everything that a bank does and much more. The Ecosystem includes Crypto Wallet & Exchange, Payment Solutions, Cards, Savings & Loans, Solutions for Affiliates, Premier Clients and Enterprises.

Secure Platform & Ecosystem

WCC and GAJ both are built on the pillars of trust, security and transparency. The complete ecosystem invloves multiple processes and checkpoints to ensure the same at all times with openness for all stakeholders invloved at various levels.

Cross-Border Payment Revolution

WCC has plans to revolutionalize the cross-border payment systems forever. The loss of both time and money in form of various fees will be substantially reduced, thus creating a better solution for all sakeholders.

Multiple Stakeholders Benefits

The WCC Ecosystem and GAJ Project involves numerous stakeholders and our main mission is to ensure mutually beneficial relationships for all the stakeholders.

Coin Sale Information

Token Name: GAJ Coin
Ticker Symbol: GAJ
Public Sale Starts: 25 October 2021 12:00 GMT
Public Sale Ends: 07 March 2022 12:00 GMT
Total Token Supply: 210,000,000
Tokens Allocated for ICO: 94,500,000
Private Sale Period: 25 September 2021 to 20 October 2021
Accepted Payment Methods: ETH, BTC, XRP, Coinbase Commerce, Paypal and Credit & Debit Cards
The roadmap to success

Major Goals & Timeline

Our aim is to develop a transparent community. WCC is proud to update all the stakeholders at every junction of their progress.

Phase 1
Company & Project Inception

Company Incorporation & VAT Registration in Estonia.
E-Financial Contract with Government of Estonia to be transparent at all times.
Development of GAJ Coin Project.

Phase 2
GAJ Coin Project Execution

Coin Rating & Reviews
Coin Sales & Promotions Globally.
GAJ Coin integration with WCC Ecosystem Products & Services.

Phase 3
WCC Ecosystem Development

Development of services such as Affiliate Program, Premier Services & Enterprise Solutions.
Development of Products such as Crypto Wallet, Crypto Exchange, Direct to Go, Cards, Banking Products, etc.