World Crypto Council (WCC) is the leading organization for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies all over the world.

The World Crypto Council is the principal organization for the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. The main purpose of WCC is to sustain and stimulate the demand for cryptocurrencies and become the global leader in this market.

WCC is incorporated in Estonia and the United Kingdom. WCC is recognized as a member of the United Nations General Marketplace (UNGM) in February 2022.

Important Information

GAJ Ecosystem

Gajcoin Ecosystem Project focuses on solving the real-life problems and challenges that are associated with traditional currencies and banking systems. Gajcoin started with the purpose to make financial services and projects accessible to everyone since more than 2 billion people in the world do not have proper access to financial services and products. Problems that are associated with financial services are bigger, therefore, Gajcoin wants to end these problems and challenges that are faced by a large number of people across the world. The reason cryptocurrencies are growing rapidly is because of the challenges confronted by individuals and organizations worldwide. Due to the conventional financial and banking system, common people and businesses deal with problems like long delays in payments, increments in cross-border transaction fees, high currency conversion charges, etc.

Gajcoin came into existence by keeping all these issues and challenges in mind. Gajcoin has only one goal to help people live better financial lives. Through Gajcoin Ecosystem Project, we are working to make financial services as well as products accessible to all. Financial services and products have become common needs of every individual and everyone should have access to them. Gajcoin is the solution to all the financial problems people have been facing for many years.

GAJ Ecosystem Project
Our Products & Services

GAJ Ecosystem

A suite of financial products aims to improve financial conditions for the unbanked and under-banked population of the world.

Our Partnerships - We are honored to be associated with several large international companies and organizations.



Both GAJ Coin & GAJ NFT are issued by GAJ Hybrid Autonomous Organization (GAJ HAO) and backed by World Crypto Council.

Private Sales for GAJ Coin is from 15 June 2022 to 31 July 2022. Private Sales for GAJ NFT is from 01 Aug 2022 to 15 Sep 2022.

Public Sales for GAJ Coins begins in Q/4 2022 on multiple major exchanges in the world. Public Sales for GAJ NFT begins in Q/3 2022.

Token Name

GAJ Coin

Token Ticker


Blockchain Utilized


Total Token Supply

210,000,000 GAJ

Official Website

NFT Name

GAJ HAO Governance NFT

NFT Type

HAO Governance

Total NFT Supply



7 Structured Levels

Contract Address

0x1a78071dfb50f6091223382 fbe3709603d34116c

Sales Period

Private Sale 15 June 2022 from 31 July 2022

Official Website


GAJ Coin Sales Information

GAJ Coin is primarily to be sold in the secondary market with only 5% (10.5 Million GAJ) allocated for Seed Investors during the Private Sales, which will be sold by 30 April 2022. Unsold coins from the Seed Investors Pool will be burned at the start of May 2022 and before the listing on trading exchanges and platforms.

A public Sale quota of 55% (115.5 Million GAJ) is to be sold through Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on various platforms and exchanges globally. Several discounts are given on specific exchanges according to their promotions.

Supply Information
Total Supply 210,000,000 GAJ
Seed Investors 10,500,000 GAJ
Public Sales 115,500,000 GAJ
Seed Investors (Bulk)
Price Per GAJ USD 0.20
End Date 30 June 2022
Minimum Purchase 100,000 GAJ
Seed Investors (Retail)
Price Per GAJ USD 0.30
End Date 31 July 2022
Minimum Purchase 500 GAJ
IEO Sales
Price Per GAJ Min. USD 0.45
Purchase Portals Multiple (TBC)
Minimum Purchase As per Exchange

All GAJ Coins purchased during the seed investors round shall be disbursed to the investors on Q/4 2022 midnight. It might take up to 48-72 hrs for the coins to reflect on their blockchain wallet address. Official Portal for Sales: Official Contract Address: 0x1a78071dfb50f6091223382 fbe3709603d34116c

Timeline & Roadmap

Performance goals are a good way to monitor and measure progress and we are transparent in all aspects.


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