The Background

The rise and evolution of cryptocurrencies has been amazing over the past decade. What started as a unknown and sceptical asset of unknowns in the form of Bitcoin, has today become the most advanced and safest form of payment. The global cryptocurrency market today consists of over 1000s of crypto-assets and companies across the globe. While some countries have been lenient towards the crypto community, some have taken harsh steps to try to regulate and furthermore outrightly ban the cryptocurrenies. Due to the decentralized nature and mass acceptance, none of the restrictive measures have been successful.

The problems faced by individuals and corporates globally has proven to the main reason for rapid rise of the cryptocurrencies. The financial sector is one of the majorly problematic sectors for a long time. The traditional banking and financial systems have not evolved for ages now and this has resulted in the common man to suffer the consequences of rising cross-border transaction charges, long delay in payments processing, high currency conversion charges, and many more issues.

Many cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, XRP, etc have been widely accepted mode of payments across the globe now. However, we still lack a full fledged financial suite of services and products that can solve the issues and problems which impact the financial segment currently. WCC Ecosystem is the answer to this long due hassle of mankind.

WCC Ecosystem is one of the most advanced ecosystems present globally. It includes the top notch product suite consisting of Payment Systems, Cards, Savings, Lending, Crypto Wallet, Crypto Exchange, Direct Sales, Affiliate Sales, Enterprise Solutions & Premier Services, which is available to a global audience of over 2 Billion people in 100+ Countries. GAJ Coin is the native token of WCC Ecosystem and represents the future of financial services and its availability to all the people across the global without any restrictions and bias. GAJ Coin gives access the suite of products and services to its holders before the whole world and also provides insider benefits in form of discounts, priviledge acess and lower fees.


The Concept

WCC is built on the traditional values of trust and transparency in financial matters, with most advanced and updated ecosystems designed for everyone.

We aim to fulfill all financial requirements of people all across the globe. We offer everything that is done by a bank PLUS everything that is done by a cryptoexchange and MUCH MORE…

People needs are covered from savings to lending to spending using a single platform and service provider. Our focus is on building the largest and most valued company in the segment. We are built for the people, to solve the problems faced today and to make the future better for our next generations to come. We do not want them to face trivial issues like waiting 2 days for a cross-border transaction, when this can be done within seconds ideally.


Advantage & Edge over Others

WCC is proud to be one of the most promising startup and also one of the most sophisticated companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency field today. We understood the need of following regulations and security to enhance our values and also provide quality service to our clients, without compromising on KYC and AML regulations across the globe. We are proud to say that we follow all KYC & AML Policies set forth by United Kingdom, European Union and United Nations along with local regulations and laws of respective countries we work in. This is not to compromise on people’s safety and security, but to ensure that our ecosystem is not used by wrong people for wrong and unlawful things. We pledge to ensure ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any illegal activities anywhere in our ecosystem. We are not like many companies and exchanges who are hidden from the people, with no physical offices or phone number or proper regulatory affairs. We are proud to be the multi-national company fulfilling all requirements to be a global leader, unlinke several other exchanges with no transparent corporate structure. We are transparent and open for our people at all times because we want to build a brand and be the best at what we do.

Sourabh Kumar
Chief Executive Officer
Margus Laar
Legal Contact Person
Chief Marketing Officer
Ram Krishan Tiwari
Global Business Development


WCC aims and strives to be the most transparent company in the field of cryptocurrency in the world. We follow the strictest of the KYC & AML Regulations followed across EU, UK, Asia & Americas. We are governed by the international laws and regulated in almost all the economies we work in. This is to ensure that we follow all policies and processes and also give the best of the experiences to our stakeholders. Following is the list of few licences that we shall be receiving over the course of next 2-3 years globally.

1. Virtual Currency Service Provider Licence, Estonia
2. Payment Institution Licence, Estonia
3. Standard Payment Institution Licence, Singapore
4. Small Payment Institution Licence, United Kingdom
5. Electronic Money Institution Licence, Lithuania
6. Electronic Money Institution Licence, United Kingdom
7. Major Payment Institution Licence, Singapore
8. Specialised Banking Licence, Lithuania
9. Banking Licence, Singapore
10. IFSCA Banking Licence, India