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GAJ is the first Hybrid Autonomous Organization (HAO) in the world. GAJ HAO is an apex of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and a traditional corporation, that is represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by the members of organizations, and not influenced by government or non-government entity, in other words, they are member-owned communities with a leadership/ management board that take care of regulatory compliances and operations.

The management board members of the GAJ HAO are also the members of the community with the highest equity participation and voting rights. GAJ HAO's transaction records and program rules are managed on a blockchain and kept in records according to the local as well as international laws and regulations.

GAJ HAO governance is coordinated using NFTs or tokens and company shares that grant voting authority. Admission to GAJ HAO is limited to those who have confirmed ownership of these governance tokens in a crypto wallet or shares in the company, and membership can be transferred or exchanged with approval from the Management Board.

Governance is conducted via a series of proposals that every member votes on through the blockchain, and the possession of more governance tokens often translates to greater voting rights. All matters of governance are taken up by the Management Board for final approvals based on regulatory needs. Inactive holders of governance tokens will be eliminated by members voting if they are inactive and act as a hindrance to organizational aims.

Being the first in the market means we are not only the market leaders but also the creator of a new segment. GAJ HAO is the answer to all limitations of both decentralized organizations and a corporation. The biggest concern related to a DAO is about compliances, this is easily overcome since GAJ HAO is owned by a legally registered company- World Crypto Council in the European Union. Since GAJ HAO is owned by the members of the community, it represents a diversified and wide range of people as well as organizations who work towards a common goal of reaching new heights for GAJ.

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Licenses & Compliances

Transparency & Accountability is the most important virtue of any organization and we are to become the pioneer for the same, in all jurisdictions and across all spheres of business verticals.

WCC aims and strives to be the most transparent company in the field of cryptocurrency in the world. We follow the strictest of the KYC & AML Regulations followed across EU, UK, Asia & Americas. We are governed by the international laws and regulated in almost all the economies we work in. This is to ensure that we follow all policies and processes and also give the best of the experiences to our stakeholders. Following is the list of few licenses that we shall be receiving over the course of next 2-3 years globally.

Legally provide Crypto Currency Wallet & Exchange Services to global audience, backed by one of the most advanced and Crypto-friendly countries in the world and governed by EU level Regulations.

Legally provide Payment Accounts, Merchant Services, Money Remittance and Payment Initiation Services in EU and beyond, governed by PSD2 Regulatory Framework.

Legally provide Cash Placement, Withdrawals, Payment Accounts and Money Remittances, governed by multiple UK Regulations such as PSD2 (EU), Payment Services Regulations 2009 & 2017, etc.

Legally provide Account Issuance, Money Transfer Service, Merchant Acquisition and Digital Payment Token Services, governed by Singaporean PS Act.

Legally provide Electronic Money Accounts, Cards and Money Remittances, governed by multiple EU Regulations such as PSD2, etc.

Legally provide Electronic Money Accounts, Cards and Money Remittances, governed by multiple UK Regulations such as PSD2 (EU), Payment Services Regulations 2009 & 2017, etc.

Official recognized vendor of over 20+ UN agencies across the globe including UNDP, UNICEF, UNESCO & UN Secretariat.

We follow all local and international regulations in Europe, Asia & America. All companies are subject to top tier audit by leading international firms.