Gaj Cards


GAJ Debit Cards

A VISA issued card linked to your GAJ Account enables easy access to your funds anywhere in the world. The international debit card allows instant access to multi-currency funds at network automated teller machines in over 100 countries with real-time Visa exchange rates. Therefore, spending can be done virtually or at any point-of-sale merchant either online or in person.

GAJ Debit Cards come with a wide range of benefits and features some exclusive perks. The card offers up to 8% cashback on both online and offline transactions. The card also offers Airport lounge access, concierge service and bespoke merchant offers and discounts in over 1 million outlets across the world.

GAJ Credit Cards

GAJ Credit Cards are issued in all eligible countries without any credit checks and issuance fees. The credit limit is assigned based on the average GAJ holdings and is dynamic in nature. It offers all benefits of a traditional credit card, however has one of the lowest APRs in the world and a grace of up to 90 days, the highest in the world.

GAJ Credit Cards puts some of the best credit cards in the world to shame by its benefits, rewards and perks. A truly international card with zero forex markup is something that every traveller dreams of, and we have made this a reality with GAJ Credit Card. You receive concierge service, complimentary hotel rooms, personal shoppers, flight upgrades, airport lounge privileges and high spending limits.

creadit card
expense card

GAJ Expense Cards

All business accounts are eligible to apply for up to 50 Expense cards for their employees, vendors, suppliers and co-workers. You’ll be able to set different spending limits for each team expense card – or have no limit at all. All transactions are itemized per person. All the cards are linked to the Main Business Account and enjoy the same benefits and perks as the Primary Account Holder of the business.

GAJ Expense Cards are issued in over 100 countries where Visa works. Get the flexibility of a corporate credit card without the high costs.

Card Variants

GAJ Cards are as unique as the GAJ Account holders, with multiple options, variants and types. Typically we offer the following three variants under all the above-mentioned category of cards globally.



Equivalent to VISA Signature. All benefits and perks are as per the type of account and average spending capacity. This is the base card for us and is issued free to charge to all eligible account holders or card users. It comes with a daily limit of EUR 3000 for offline and EUR 50,000 for online transactions.



Equivalent to VISA Infinite. Higher daily limits of up to EUR 5,000 for cash withdrawals and up to EUR 100,000 for online transactions. Complimentary lounge access and golf sessions across multiple locations. This is issued to Premier and VIP clients and is often upon Invitation.

Metal Cards


Metal Cards come in two variants- 18mm Stainless Steel and 18mm Gold Plated Card. And as the name suggests, these cards are actually made up to the materials mentioned in their names. Top level cards for Top Level GAJ Account Holders and Exclusive Privilege Members.