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About GAJ Coin & NFT


GAJ Coin (GAJ) is an ERC-20 Token built on Ethereum Platform with Burn function. GAJ is one of the leading Utility Tokens based on usage and benefits, and as per reviews from many major Crypto companies and websites. GAJ shall have various usages in the GAJ Ecosystem as well as real world based on partnerships and collaborations with many companies.

GAJ NFT is issued on Ethereum Platform to issue governance tokens to the community on behalf of GAJ Hybrid Autonomous Organization (GAJ HAO).

GAJ Coin (Utility)

GAJ Coin (Utility)

GAJ Coin is the native token of GAJ Ecosystem and represents the future of financial services and its availability to all the people across the global without any restrictions and bias. GAJ Coin gives access the suite of products and services to its holders before the whole world and also provides insider benefits in form of discounts, privilege access and lower fees.

A total supply of 210,000,000 GAJ Coins is available, out of which 55 percent is available for Public via Private Sales & Initial Exchange Offerings over the course of next few months. GAJ Coin shall also be swappable on various exchanges after the end of IEO and shall also be traded with pairing BTC / USDT / ETH on various major Crypto Exchanges. During the IEO, GAJ Coin Shall be made available for reviews and updates, which shall act the first step to listing on major crypto exchanges. After Smart Contract Audit, GAJ shall go live on various exchanges.

Based on Ethereum

GAJ Coin & GAJ NFT- Based on Ethereum

World Crypto Council

Backed by World Crypto Council

GAJ Tokens

Total Supply: 210 Million GAJ Tokens

Total Supply

Total Supply: 10,000 GAJ NFTs

GAJ NFT (Governance)

GAJ NFT is seven level governance NFT structure that represents various benefits and rights as per their levels. All levels assure a discounted and preferential pricing for all GAJ Ecosystem products and services. Levels 0 to Level 4 are also associated with Voting Rights for various events and decisions of the ecosystem. Level 0 & 1, represent Board Membership and associated voting rights, as a member of the management board of the GAJ HAO.

Governance is conducted through a series of proposals that members vote on through the blockchain, and the possession of more governance tokens often translates to greater voting power. All governance matters are then taken up by the Management Board for final approvals based on regulatory requirements. Inactive holders of governance tokens shall be removed by members voting, if they are inactive and act as an hinderance to organizational goals.

GAJ NFT (Governance)

GAJ Coin & GAJ NFT: Utility & Governance

GAJ Coin & GAJ NFT both are integral parts of the GAJ Hybrid Autonomous Organization & GAJ Ecosystem. Several benefits are associated with both, and some of these are mentioned below.

GAJ NFT gives access to GAJ HAO. Associated benefits and rights depend on the NFT levels. GAJ NFT is one step towards a truly hybrid model of working with maximum efficiency and productivity.

GAJ NFT gives discounts in all transaction fees, trading fees, withdrawal fees and exchange fees, as per their levels. It also gives special rights for upgrades as well exchange related developments, depending on community voting.
Get discounted trading fees when staking & paying with GAJ on GAJ Exchange. GAJ Coin also provides its holder with similar benefits, except for the fact that GAJ Coin holders do not have any voting rights in any decisions made towards the development and upgradation of GAJ Exchange.

GAJ NFT allows one free individual account with no monthly fees and no maintenance charges, as well as higher account limits.
GAJ Coin holders are eligible to open accounts, as per their GAJ holdings. Stake GAJ to earn up to 10% p.a. on GAJ Exchange. Get a better interest rate with GAJ Coin staked of up to 18% p.a. Earn an additional 2% p.a. on fixed term deposits (paid in GAJ) with staking equivalent to 1 Million GAJ.

GAJ NFT gives access to low interest rate loans to its holders for all purposes. Faster processing times, lowest interest rates, higher LTV are some of the benefits.
GAJ Coin gives eligibility to apply for a specific loan. However, this depends completely on GAJ Coins in the account. Lower annual interest rate at 8% for Loans.

GAJ NFT Holders get different type of cards linked to their accounts depending on the NFT Levels. Level 0 & 1 holders get Metal Cards, Level 2 to Level 4 holders get Black Cards and Level 5 to Level 6 Holders get Premium Cards. All these cards are issued free.
GAJ Coin holders also get cards based on their account types. Receive up to 8% cashback with each transaction on the Visa Card. Exclusive rewards and benefits for cardholders who have GAJ staked for their cards.

Earn up to 10% cashback paying merchants online and offline. Earn up to 10% cashback on major brands gift-cards and p2p transfers to friends. Discount/cashbacks provided by merchant networks, paid in

Unique and impressive NFT collections from some of the finest players in the field, with over 1000s of exclusive merchandise and NFTs.

GAJ Coin shall be used to pay the clients their Referral Bonuses. GAJ Coin is the automatic eligibility for enjoying all Premier Services offered under this program.